Make Periods More Bearable With Reusable Sanitary Pads

Aside from my body assuring me every month that I dodged the pregnancy train (yay!), I really dread Aunt Flo. But earlier this year, my boyfriend somehow randomly stumbled across a Reddit thread about reusable menstrual pads, that immensely changed the whole period game for me. I do not wear tampons and never have, so I was definitely intrigued by the concept of washable sanitary napkins. With heavy flow, I used to go through disposable pads extremely quickly. Even buying them in bulk from Costco would add up expense-wise. Plus, I knew they couldn’t be environmentally friendly.

I decided to do a quick Amazon search on these washable sanitary pads, and was surprised to find so many with stellar reviews! They come in a plethora of cute designs. I ordered a couple sets to try, and haven’t gone back to disposable pads ever since. If you are looking to make your periods much more bearable each month, I highly recommend giving these a go and seeing how they can change your “period life” too…

washable menstrual pads
  1. Reusable options are better for the body – Disposables are often made with a combination of cotton, synthetic fibers, wood pulp, and plastics. Some of these can be toxic and filled with pesticides and herbicides. The materials can also be bleached with chlorine dioxide, creating harmful by-products like dioxin, which stay in our bodies for decades. Some disposable pads are also made with artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals that could result in allergic reactions, reproductive disorders, cancer, and hormone disruption, to name a few!
  2. Washable menstrual pads are cost effective – Pay a one-time cost of ~$50 for a couple sets and watch the savings add up over the months! I have not bought disposable pads for almost a year now. Before I learned about reusable options, I would spend over a thousand dollars each year on pads! Yeah, heavy flows aren’t fun and they can break the bank… but not with the reusables.
  3. These environmentally friendly sanitary napkins have a surprisingly great lifespan – I wash mine in my washing machine with a safe detergent and hot water, and air dry. There have been a couple times I accidentally threw a couple into the dryer with some of my clothes, but air drying is recommended to keep them in their best condition. Making the switch to reusables makes a positive impact on our environment. In North America alone, roughly 20 billion pads and tampons end up in landfills each year! Plus, the plastics in a pad take hundreds of years to decompose.
  4. Cloth sanitary pads are cleaner than you think – When I first told my mother about my transition to reusable pads, she was super grossed out. But let me tell you – they actually are, and feel WAY cleaner than regular pads. These washable pads are made with a waterproof lining for extra absorption, so that you feel dry all day long. The one down side is that they can be bulkier than disposable pads, but this is a small con to deal with… rather than a lifetime of health problems that may arise over time from using toxic pads. With proper washing methods, reusable pads are definitely more sanitary than most might think.
  5. Enjoy the amazing comfort of reusable pads – The super soft microfiber cloth feels a whole lot nicer down there than rough plastic. They also feel a lot more airy. Sometimes, I even forget that I’m wearing one! Plus, these guys are leak-proof, moisture-wicking, and come in various sizes to ensure that no matter your level of flow, you’ll stay dry and comfy. Some people have mentioned that switching to reusable pads even made their cramps less severe – I wish I could say the same about this for my body, but I suppose everyone is different…

Have you tried reusable menstrual pads? Would love to hear about your experience and thoughts on them!

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