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The Body Deli: “Superfood” for the Skin

Believe it or not, I was not always sold on natural skincare, or “fresh food for the skin.” A local organic body care line, The Body Deli, completely changed my outlook. It actually took a desperate situation to get me to even try it… and reap the great benefits. You can bet that since then, all the “skincare” junk I had in my bathroom were tossed out for good. If you have not tried The Body Deli’s skincare products, you MUST. You can thank me later.

Here’s my back-story on how I got into natural skincare.

Around July of this year, I was struggling a LOT more than usual with horrendous acne. I noticed that I started breaking out in places I normally wouldn’t break out. It was super frustrating because no matter what I did, they wouldn’t go away. Or if they did, new breakouts would show up! I could go on and on about the healthy foods I was nourishing my body with, my active lifestyle, the adequate sleep I got, and more… but let’s just say that it seemed I was doing everything right, but NOTHING was working.

This occasion was bad enough to send me to the doctor’s office. My doctor’s prescription topical medicine only made everything worse by completely drying me out. It was then I realized I couldn’t rely on harsh chemicals to cure my condition. For months, I hid at home because even makeup couldn’t hide the disaster my skin was going through. I had zero confidence in my own skin. For the first time, I could understand the struggles of people with chronic skin issues.

One day, a dear friend here in the desert recommended that I give The Body Deli’s products a try. I have not looked back since. Honestly, I was AMAZED at how quickly my skin’s condition improved after incorporating The Body Deli into my beauty routine. I love that they use the purest and most potent raw and organic superfoods. So pure that a good number of their products MUST be refrigerated just like you would your fruits and veggies!

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The staple products I started out with to banish my acne quickly include The Body Deli’s:

Let me tell you, the signs of improvement were pretty much immediate. I was sooooo shocked to not feel my skin stinging badly from application of any of these, and to witness the inflammation go down drastically by the next morning after first use. I honestly thought my body was going through some sort of crisis with demons that was beyond my control. Alas, The Body Deli came to my rescue!

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Since then, I have also incorporated a few of their other goodies into my routine, like the:

I plan to eventually give all their amazing products a try! Recently, The Body Deli had a Black Friday sale that I took advantage of. I bought a few new products and stocked up on some of the above staples! Though they can be a bit pricey, they definitely WORK and I never have to worry about poisoning my body with potentially harmful ingredients. My body responds well to pure, non-toxic products. It’s a bonus that they are locally based in the Coachella Valley, and make their skincare products in small batches/to order, to guarantee freshness. If you are not local to Palm Springs, you can order The Body Deli online and get 10% off your first purchase.

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Honestly, I could go on and on about The Body Deli. Their customer service is unparalleled for a small business, and I really appreciate that! This article reflects my true, honest opinion on and experience with the brand and products. I proudly keep my beauty fridge stocked with The Body Deli’s essentials, and have been LOVING my beautifully clear skin these days. I used to break out around my time of month at the very least even on a “good skin month,” but all I have to worry about now is the little acne scars from the summer fiasco, still gradually fading. It’s so nice to be able to walk out the door without an ounce of makeup on. Since knowing The Body Deli, I have been extremely keen on other natural skincare because of how much my body clearly loves it!

Are there some superfood skincare brands you love? I’d love to hear about them!

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