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YOGA MAT ABS (& New YouTube Channel!) has a new YouTube channel in time for the new year – YAY! I get most excited to train abs! Here are some of my favorite ab workouts that can be done anywhere with just a yoga mat, regardless of your fitness level! I am still working on being more mindful of & perfecting my form.

3 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise will give you a good core burn! Give it a try and get abs for days 🙂

MY FITNESS BACKGROUND (or lack there of)

Growing up, I was never athletic – aside from playing Badminton in high school. I hated all other sports because I didn’t really have it in me to be skilled at any. I’ll never forget the basketball camps my mom sent me to that I dreaded so much! Don’t be fooled by my naturally, relatively fit-looking body which I’ve been blessed with – thanks mom and dad! I used to be a major couch potato. In fact, I had no interest in exercising until about a year ago when I had a hernia scare and just realised that I’m not getting younger. It was then I decided to prioritise my health and wellness. I know it sounds cliché, but health is truly wealth! Without good health, we have nothing.

me in 2017
Me in early 2017, before I began any fitness program or knew how to use any gym equipment other than the treadmill and a machine for the abs because I was just obsessed with getting abs LOL

To be honest, I wasn’t the most consistent with working out this year especially when summer time came along. We bought a house, two of our beloved pets passed away, and the brutal 120-degree heat got to me. The first half of the year, I felt I was making some solid progress. Then, I totally regressed when I went through a bit of a depressive funk. Now that I’m starting my fitness journey over again, I am going to try to film more videos like this to check, track, and hopefully improve my form over time! Follow me on Instagram & subscribe to my YouTube channel to join in on the fun 🙂 I am SUPER video-shy, so trust me when I say that I’m definitely stepping far out of my comfort zone sharing workout videos. It should be fun to look back at these a year from now, when my form will hopefully be improved…

It can be a challenge with getting form right, BREATHING through exercises, and establishing that mind-body connection without a personal trainer or someone who is more experienced guiding you. I have been self-taught with the SWEAT app starting with Kayla Itsines’ BBG program earlier this year and have dabbled in her BBG Stronger gym program, and Kelsey Wells’ PWR At Home & PWR programs as well.

me in december 2019
December 2019

I consider myself a beginner with lots of room for improvement. Although the “progress” I made this year was not exactly close to my “goals” I had envisioned, I am still proud that I started this year. My goal is that one of these days, these videos won’t be so embarrassing haha! Though for a first video this could probably be worse. I’m far from perfect and it can be daunting to share anything less than that online because the Internet can be a mean place… but it’s something I’m personally working on! Plus, that’s how you learn right?⁣⁣⁣
But seriously though, hopefully this will inspire other beginners with no real fitness background (like me!) to start somewhere and see that you don’t have to be perfect. Everyone’s journey is different – and though it can be hard to not compare your progress with someone else’s, just begin, commit, look ahead, and most importantly, trust the process!

What are some of your health & fitness goals for 2020?

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