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Quarantine Edition: Tan Smart with Bali Body

Summer is right around the corner… and if you live in the desert like I do, it’s already here! Have you been working on your summer glow? I love having naturally olive skin because it means my body gets tan pretty easily under the sun (rather than burn). When I first moved to Palm Springs in 2017, I was so smitten by the desert sun that I would sit out by the pool everyday and turn shades darker quickly even with sunscreen on. These days though, I am much more careful with sun exposure because sunscreen doesn’t 100% prevent skin cancer, moles, and pre-mature aging. Plus, with the current shelter-in-place order, most of us are spending a whole lot more time at home and less time under the sun. So, I’ve been tanning smarter… aka self-tanning! I have gone through my fair share of self-tanning foams over the years. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I shared a post about my favorite tanning products.

Since sharing that post, I discovered an amazing vegan self-tanner by Bali Body that I instantly fell in love with. It retails for $30 USD, which is pretty competitive with other brands of similar quality. This self-tanner is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t smell like your typical self-tanner. Rather, it has a delightful tropical scent! I use the “ultra dark” bottle, and color guide is a very beautiful, deep brown. The tanning mousse applies evenly with a mitt and doesn’t dry too quickly so I don’t have to worry about streaking.

I always sleep in my tan overnight so that I don’t have to worry about walking around with fake tan on or having to avoid contact with water while the tan develops. As you might imagine, having a sticky tan on doesn’t feel the greatest! Fortunately, I only need 1 coat of Bali Body to achieve the perfect color. This means I can go to sleep without feeling sticky like I would if I needed to layer multiple coats of a different self-tanner that isn’t as dark.

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My body seems to hold onto the tan fairly well. Even after rinsing thoroughly in the shower the next morning, my skin is still super dark! No trace of orange. The tan lasts for about 5 days (darkest on days 1-3), which is pretty average compared to other self-tanners I’ve tried. The key to a longer lasting tan is to keep the skin moisturized at all times. I always moisturize my body with an all-natural body butter or body oil every morning and night. If you don’t mind a bit of flaking, you may be able to get away with the same tan for 7 days before needing to exfoliate and reapply.

Bali Body also has a Face Tanning Water which comes in really handy to keep the face naturally tan all the time. I simply mix a bit of tanning water into my sunscreen every morning, and it does a pretty good job keeping my face looking bronzed. If I want to level up the darkness a bit, I’ll apply it like I would a toner at night. It smells delightfully rosy!

Achieving a flawless, year-round glow shouldn’t come with harmful effects on your body or skin. If you love sun-kissed skin and hate cancer as much as I do, then I definitely recommend limiting sun exposure and self-tanning responsibly once a week at home! It’s budget-friendly, and there’s no risk of getting skin cancer or burnt skin due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any awkward tan lines! Just remember that self-tanner doesn’t have UV protection, so it’s imperative to continue using sunscreen to protect your skin 🙂

Are you an avid self-tanner like me? What are your fave tanning products? I’d love to hear about and give them a try!

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