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Effective Home Workouts Perfect for Sheltering in Place

With gyms closed worldwide due to COVID-19, a lot of us have been finding different ways to get creative with working out at home to manage stress and keep our bodies moving. This is going to sound clichéd, but it’s true – a bit of exercise each day goes a long way. In fact, I always find myself in a better mood after a good workout. I typically aim for 30-45 minutes and try to vary up my workouts each day to target different muscles and areas of my body.

Did you know that regular exercise plays a substantial role in reducing the risk of a variety of diseases and conditions like cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, and heart ailments? It helps our bodies flush out toxins, and in turn we get better sleep and nicer skin. These are just some of many great benefits to get moving!

Need a little bit of inspiration? Here are some of my favorite effective no-equipment needed home workouts that are perfect for getting (or staying) fit while sheltering in place!

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Arms & Abs

Kelly Gale, one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models (MAJOR body goals!), began posting her workouts every week since quarantine started. I’m proud to say I’ve done every single one of them to date, and especially love her core and oblique workouts. They really target the abs – as in, you’ll feel the burn there before you do anywhere else. That’s key for me because there’s nothing worse than feeling a strained back or neck when I should be challenging my core. She also has a pretty good arm & shoulder workout that is ideal for all fitness levels.

Legs & Booty

I’m not the biggest fan of high-intensity workouts, so if I can get a good burn while being “lazy,” I’ll do it haha! I really love Dana Landgren’s workouts for this very reason. They are low-intensity, but they definitely work! These booty, inner thigh, and total leg workouts make a wonderful combo and I like to mix and match these exercises to create my own little regimen to target both my butt and legs. Tone up without any fancy equipment, jumping (not too friendly on the knees), or running for days. At most, you might need a pillow or something readily accessible at home to complete the workouts.

Back & Shoulders

Got some resistance bands at home? You’ll be surprised at how intense these movements feel in the back and shoulders, despite them being low-intensity! Repeat each exercise 3-4 times for a full back & shoulders workout. I got my resistance bands from Alexia Clark, but you can also find great ones on Amazon as well. If you’re looking for a bodyweight back workout, this one by Michie Peachie will get you feeling sore quickly.

Rowing is a really good workout for the back, but if you don’t have a rower at home, you can use the same resistance bands I used in my post to do some rows from anywhere. This is a great 5-minute finisher to any back workout, or you can repeat the routine 3-4 times for a full workout.


Looking for a full-body HIIT workout? I know some of you all might prefer high-intensity over low-intensity – so here’s a challenge for you by Sami Clarke! Again, no equipment needed – though a yoga mat may make it more comfortable. Nothing like getting your heart rate up and toning up your whole bod in time for summer coming up! She also has a few other targeted workouts up on her YouTube channel and Instagram page that I love.


While I must admit that yoga is not my favorite form of exercise, it can be very therapeutic for those who have chronic anxiety. Performing yoga is also a fantastic way to stretch our bodies and take a break from usual strength training. If you’re looking to take up yoga during this quarantine, why not check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube? She’s got a variety of different flows that will help you build your mind-body connection and unwind after a long day. They are anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes long, so you can be sure to squeeze it in no matter how busy you are (but let’s be real – most of us have a lot more free time now that we’re stuck at home). Each flow is guided, so you can jump right in whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi.

Barre/Mat Pilates

I enjoy barre quite a bit, especially when fused with mat pilates. In fact, I used to take classes regularly with a former roommate. I find it a bit more fast-paced than yoga, and somehow more engaging (but everyone’s different!). Movements can be small, but you’ll definitely feel the burn. Plié away with PopSugar Fitness on YouTube with some 30-45 minute sessions of guided barre sessions that you can do from the comfort of your home at any time.

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Personally, I’m really looking forward to gyms being open again, but for now these home workouts will do. For more inspiration on gym workouts that you can “modify” to make home-friendly, check out this post by Kayla Itsines on Instagram. During times like these, we really have to learn to adapt and make the most of what we have!

How are you getting creative with your home workouts?

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